Service initiatives of people in the New Church

In keeping with the New Church's doctrine of useful service, members of the church are actively involved in efforts to help others in less privileged circumstances.

Congregation initiatives

Many New Church congregations are involved in local community service projects. These projects vary from congregation to congregation and year to year, but these initiatives allow church members to serve their communities and build comraderie around "giving back" and loving the neighbor. If you are interested in local service opportunities, please contact your closest New Church congregation.

CARE (Charity, Action, Responsibility, Education)

CARE is a student-led service organization at the Bryn Athyn College which allows students to gain leadership experience through designing, coordinating, and facilitating service projects. The CARE team meets on an as-needed basis to help others in whatever way is most appropriate. Many CARE events are spur-of-the-moment: a student sees a need and gathers people to help. Other events occur annually and are coordinated far in advance.

CARE works closely with HELP Philadelphia, an organization that seeks to provide fun and educational events for inner-city children of single parents. There are also events further afield: each year, CARE organizes service trips sending students to places in need of young, energetic helpers. In past years, service trips have offered hurricane relief in the Bahamas, Mississippi, and Florida; run camps and youth activities; painted, cleaned, rebuilt, scoured, and otherwise improved churches and low-income homes. CARE is a way of helping students to truly live their religion.

Delta Mu

Delta Mu is the community service club of the Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools. The name is derived from the first letters of the Greek words for "serve" and "learn". It is hoped that each student involved in Delta Mu will learn the importance of giving freely of themselves, and that being of service to others will become a lifelong habit.

Delta Mu activities and projects vary from year to year but favorites have developed, such as 'Highway Cleanup' where students undertake the maintenance of two miles of Huntingdon Pike, 'Philadelphia Cares' Day wherein 15,000 volunteers from the surrounding area gather to clean up Philadelphia public schools, and a Thanksgiving food collection for Hope Prison Ministries. There is also an annual work weekend at a Salvation Army camp in the Poconos.

Loving Arms Mission

The Loving Arms Mission started in 2000 when Kent and Shovha Rogers decided it was time to make a tangible difference in the world. Their organization provides a loving home for 20 abandoned, orphaned, and runaway children in Katmandu, Nepal. The children are cared for by a full time "mom and dad" who are absolutely committed to them. The children attend school, eat nutritious meals, and have warm beds to sleep in. Most importantly, they are part of a real family, and partake in the flow of love and interconnected responsibilities that are integral to a family network. The Katmandu orphanage is hoping to take in more children soon. Recently, the Loving Arms Mission adopted a sister orphanage in Kisii, Kenya. More information about the Loving Arms Mission.