General Church Retreat

GC Retreat 2020 Cancelled

General Church Retreat—Looking to June 2023: 

You likely recall the announcements about a GC Retreat 2020, which had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Ever since then we have been working toward a rescheduled session so that a good number of us can get together to focus on our shared church uses. I am personally committed to holding a General Church Retreat and look forward to the time when it can happen. Our trajectory, however, is currently toward June of 2023—just under two years from now.

A number of factors went into the decision not to plan a GC Retreat for June 2022. One is the availability of venues, noting that Glencairn Museum and the Mitchel Performing Arts Center are not available at the would-be time of the Retreat. We also had a wrinkle in the children’s program, with a couple of the partners who had graciously offered to help in 2020 not as able to do so in 2022. Add to that the lingering concerns about international travel, vaccine availability, and a world not quite back to a new normal, and the prudent decision was to give ourselves a bit more time.

Fortunately, time is on our side for a June 2023 event. We aim to continue our planning and look forward to announcing a rescheduled GC Retreat downstream.

Rt. Rev. Peter Buss Jr.
Executive Bishop, General Church
Chancellor, Academy of the New Church

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